We like to think it's our good-looking photobooth attendants that have made us so popular, but really it's the award-winning experience, rave reviews, expert service, and All The PROPS! We've been blessed with some incredible reviews and sincerely appreciate everyone taking the time to provide feedback.  Visit our listing on The Knot, Wedding Wire and Google to see the most recent reviews!

One of the best decisions we made with our wedding, aside from getting married! He was fantastic! Everyone had a blast and we (the Bride and Groom) had to ask people to get out so we could get some pictures.... He had so many props you literally had to dig through 4 card tables. It was a giant inflatable tent the size of a conference room, not just a white sheet duct taped to a wall.
What an absolutely remarkable photobooth! I've attended numerous functions and have enjoyed many outrageous photos in booths before but never have I seen a setup as extravagant this - wow I've never seen so many different themed props and hats before! It was so much fun working with Steve and he really made the night come alive with recommendations and was even asked to join in the fun on a number of occasions :-) 
Five stars = wow, the best ever and really is THE BEST PHOTOBOOTH EVER. I had guests telling me even weeks after that it was the best photobooth they've been to and raving about the prop selection and even my caterer manager (who sees a loooot of weddings and photobooths) told me that it was "the best thing she'd ever seen at a wedding." Steve advertises that he has more props than anyone and he is not lying - there were 100s, literally 100s, of props at our wedding. We had so much fun with the photobooth, if you want a truly memorable experience for your guests, choose Steve!
There are photobooth's and then there's PHOTOBOOTH'S!!! When we booked our Steve for our wedding I thought we were getting a good deal for our wedding, but never imagined what he had setup when we walked into the reception hall. How in the world did he think of all that?!? It was without question the best entertainment for our guests, (sorry we may have had a little too much fun Steve!) and so thankful for traveling out to our location.
Who would have thought a Photobooth would have been the life of a Bat Mitzvah! With very short notice I was able to book Steve and was a little hesitant after telling me the spacing requirements he needed - for props?? Once he arrived and setup I couldn't believe how much variety he had on display and everyone including the adults couldn't get away from the booth it was so much fun and he stayed the entire time making sure everything went perfectly