All The PROPS | Slanted Acrylic Frame

The slanted acrylic frame provides guests with an instant opportunity to show off their photo booth snapshots! Available in a 2x6 size, the accompanying photo strips slide right into the crystal clear acrylic frame. One of the largest complaints about photo booths at events is that people walk away without their photos or loose photo strips get damaged in pockets and purses. Right after the moment the memories are captured, this shiny, sleek frame offers protection and a method of display to ensure that no photos get left behind. The angled frame offers a way to proudly display the photos at table settings and share them with friends even before they get set up on the mantle.

Clever design with the perfect thickness of acrylic allows for minimal flexibility and optimal durability and each frame is carefully, individually packaged to prevent scratches. The frame features the perfect angle for premium viewing and it stands tall and proud as a display of memories from the event.